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Hello, welcome to the Medical executive committee website for West Florida Hospital Trinity. On this website, you will find a copy of the new proposed bylaws. When this medical executive committee started its tenure, we came off the heels of the pandemic, and noted that there was significant lack in guidance of what to do in certain situations in our current bylaws. Initially with the intent to amend the bylaws, we noted that our current set of guidelines were significantly out of date, and inadequate to handle much of today’s problems. So, rather than going through a piecemeal addition of amendments and revisions, we considered the merits of a complete refresh and rewriting of them. We formed a bylaws committee consisting of several active medical staff and got to work. We used our current bylaws, model bylaws from the Florida Medical Association, and a set of recently approved bylaws from another hospital, and with the help of a lawyer hired by the medical executive committee took the best parts of these three sources and wrote these new bylaws. While this ended up being quite a daunting task for the bylaws committee, I believe we have a very solid, protective, inclusive, and modern document to take us into the future. Some notable changes include provisions, for what to do in case of an inability to hold elections for some unforeseen event (i.e a pandemic), permission for electronic voting, hosted by secure, third-party voting sites, limitations on voting for large contracted organizations to protect against corporate dominance by physicians with active privileges, but have never stepped foot in the hospital, and simple language updates to comply with state and federal law. While our current atmosphere at Trinity medical center is quite positive, bylaws should always be written to protect the medical staff for future times of possible adversity. The new bylaws are broken up into three documents. The basic bylaws themselves, the credentials manual, and the organizational manual. On this website, you will be able to review these documents, and then pose any questions or concerns to the bylaws committee. We will review the questions, and then answer them on this site for all to see the answers. The vote for the acceptance of the bylaws in their entirety will be held at the medical staff meeting as per our current guidelines.




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  • How does the hospital ensure patient safety with its medical staff?

    Hospitals prioritize patient safety through various means, including enforcing adherence to medical protocols and guidelines, regular safety training for staff, implementing quality improvement programs, and fostering a culture of open communication to address any potential safety concerns.

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